They crash and scatter everything, from About 2 Squares (1922)a short picture book for children by El Lissitzky. It is also one of the most powerful expressions of revolutionary Communism and modern art. It deserves close and careful examination as we embark on a similar revolution from text on paper to electronic cyberspace.

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get inspired with Zaha’s drawings. 

Zaha Hadid. AA Files 4 1983: 86 | RNDRD

minimalist sketch  by  Enric Miralles . Lotus 39 1983: 19 | RNDRD

Takefumi Aida is a Japanese architect and theorist. He questioned the tenets of the Modern Movement relating to form and function. He is mostly known for his designs of so-called ‘Toy Block’ houses, composed of simple block-like elements. 

Aida is a founder-member of the counter-Metabolist group ArchiteXt (1971), which was opposed to the incipient totalitarianism of Modernism (and especially Metabolism), the group (based on the journal of the same name) promoted contradiction, discontinuity, individualism, and pluralism.

Takefumi Aida. GA Houses. 4 1978: 86 - 87 - 88 - 89 | RNDRD

Image 1: Annihilation House 1972

Image 2: Nirvana House 1972

Image 3: Die House 1974

Image 4: Stepped - platform House 1976


Fractile paneling sketch, V&A Museum, London, UK, 1996 - Cecil Balmond and Daniel Libeskind

Francesco Borromini

Borromini, San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, 1665-7 

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