Saul Steinberg. Drawer-Building. The Passport. 1954 

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Cedric Price, Potteries Thinkbelt: planta esquemática y secciones de Pitts Colina. Área de Transferencia. 1966. tinta negro, azul y rojo sobre papel vitela 25 x 19 cm. DR1995:0216:057. Cedric Price fondos, Centro Canadiense de Arquitectura, Montréal. | more about Potteries Thinkbelt


Josep Renau, The Big Parade 1957

The Graham Foundation  is pleased to  present: Everything Loose Will Land—an exhibition that explores the dynamic intersection of architecture and the visual arts in Los Angeles during the 1970s. 

Everything Loose Will Land was curated by Sylvia Lavin, Director of Critical Studies in the Department of Architecture and Urban Design at UCLA. It was originally organized by the MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles, at the Schindler House, as a part of Pacific Standard Time and traveled to Yale University, School of Architecture Gallery prior to its presentation at the Graham Foundation.


1 | Ron Herron (Archigram), “Instant City: Typical Configuration Santa Monica & San Diego Freeway Intersection,” 1969. Collage, photographic print, ink, pencil on mountboard, 8 x 10 inches. Copyright Ron Herron (Archigram). Courtesy of Simon Herron.

2 | Ron Herron (Archigram), “Instant City, Death Valley,” 1970. Collage, ink, letraset on photo, on mountboard, 5 ½ x 8 ¾ inches. Copyright Ron Herron (Archigram). Courtesy of Simon Herron.

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minimalist and great Fujii Hiromi’s layouts. | Fujii Hiromi. GA Houses. 4 1978: 133-135-127 | RNDRD  

Futurist architecture will be fundamentally short-lived and transitory. Our houses will last less time than we do. Every generation will have to make its own city anew. | Futurist architecture. Antonio Sant’Elia. Lacerba 2, № 15. August 1, 1914

A century since futurism: Antonio Sant’Elia and Mario Chiattone | here’s an extract  written by @ross wolfe…

"….One hundred years have passed since Antonio Sant’Elia and Mario Chiattone pioneered futurism in architecture. Marinetti exerted his trademark influence over the two, putting words to the towering industrial structures they envisioned. Though they bear the mark of their age, in many ways the vision they present is more futuristic than even the sleekest digital architecture of today. Sant’Elia’s manifesto of futurist architecture appears below, along with some drawings by him and Chiattone…." | read more on The Charnel-House Blog 

Image: Mario Chiattone’s visions , 1914

© eero saarinen - trans world airlines terminal - JFK airport, new york, USA - 1956 |  AMERICAN MODEL ARCHITECTURAL MODEL FINNISH MODEL PAPER AND CARDBOARD PEOPLE WORK IN PROGRESS 50’S SCALE 1:20 EERO SAARINEN | via archimodels